Proimex is a registered Australian Company incorporated in  May of 2011 ABN 78 150 927 405 operating under Australian and International Trade Law.

Our business is in the movement of bulk physical commodities globally via the non traditional secondary markets and is quickly becoming a recognised brand in the bulk commodity trading arena. It is our deep understanding of the whole spectrum from trade enquiry and due diligence, contract negotiations, contract risk mitigation strategy, physical inspections to final delivery that sets us apart and has seen us working with both governments and private business. Proimex is at the very epicenter of global commodity trading taking enquiry for some 1 Million Metric Tonnes of Feed, Food and Fuel commodities on a weekly basis. 

Proimex is about Reliability

Our global network of suppliers and buyers rely on us to both enhance their business and their bottom line. We are very well aware of the risk undertaking and are experts at mitigating risk at each step along the import export trade route.

In our business trade/contract execution is paramount. From our ever growing list of premium buyers through our trusted supplier network Proimex has worked hard at exceeding our client’s expectations, consistently developing long term business relationships ensuring the sustainability of our business as well as the profitability of our trading partners. 

At Proimex we continually strive to increase our partner equity by optimisation of trade processes and logistics ensuring smooth efficient transactions. 

Proimex is about Sustainability

Being on the front line of a myriad of trade presentations Proimex's corporate mandate of Sustainable Supply means that we only acquire product form environmentally sustainable resources. We are also very well aware of our Carbon footprint with regards to our logistical processes and we endevour to reduce our carbon emissions where ever possible.   

Proimex is about Corporate Social Responsibility

As a global organisation we are very well aware of the impacts our trade decisions and activities have on both society and the environment and we continually improve our internal processes to ensure that we as a company offer more than just a trade service. 

Proimex is about Corporate Social Investment

We believe that by investing in education and support program's ultimately this brings benefits over and above those directly associated with our core business activities. Our global trading activities see us working with a myriad of different social and economic communities and we always enjoy the opportunity to return in favor with these communities ensuring our trade and business future. 

Should you require further information on our company, documents of incorporation, top 50 bank account references please email legal@proimex.com.au