Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order Template

Fill in your details below and simply print to a printer that contains your companies letter head. A PDF version will also be emailed to you for printing.

Once printed on your letter head, stamp your signature with your company seal, scan and email to your consultant at Proimex Pty Ltd 




  • Proimex Consultant That Introduced You
  • Please insert your reference number
  • Buyer Company Information

  • Legal Representative/ Buyer Mandate Information

  • This is the email your Letter Of Intent will be sent to for Digital Signing
  • Consent

  • We, [Buyer Company Name], acting with full corporate responsibility as the potential buyer hereby submit our formal Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order to purchase the following goods. By signing, we state with full legal responsibility that we are ready, willing and able to purchase the product / commodity as illustrated below and are the legal signatory with full corporate power to produce the acceptable banking instruments to activate a valid sales contract between ourselves and the supplier / exporter. We understand that any and all offers and / or contracts are subject to successful seller verification of funds availability. We hereby give our written permission for the seller to seek usual bank reference and to conduct a soft probe of our account. By signing, we understand all offers are subject to final agreement on the details of Commercial Invoice or other sales contracts.
  • Buyer Bank Information

  • Buyer Bank Contact Information

  • Commodity Details

  • Contract Information

  • Number Of Contract Time Periods X Quantity Per Time Period
  • Trial Shipment Volume ect.
  • Target Price Information

  • eg $USD
  • Shipping Information

  • eg: SGS, CIQ

  • Payment Terms Information