Sale And Purchase Order Template

  • Choose the appropriate heading
  • This is the "From" name that will appear in the email that will be sent to your client
  • this can only be your business email and this is the email which the PDF will be sent to.
  • Important: Only use today's date as price validity in the contract reflects Date + 3 days
  • Please insert the ICPO or LOI reference number
  • Buyer Company Information

  • Eg: ABN or ACN
  • Legal Representative Information

  • Buyer Bank Information

  • Buyer Bank Contact Information

  • Commodity Details

  • Contract Information

  • eg: 12 for 12 months (months is derived from the Contract period)
  • The time period term to be used
  • eg: 50,000 (please use commas) eg 1,000,000
  • eg: Metric Tonnes, KG
  • (Use Number Only) Contract Duration X Volume/Quantity (In other words the TOTAL contracted VOLUME amount
  • Trial Shipment Volume ect.
  • Target Price Information

  • eg: $USD
  • Negotiated Target Price
  • Shipping Information

  • eg: Port, Country
  • eg: SGS, CIQ

  • Confirm and Guarantee that the above order as per the scheduled shipments. Lead time on Contract does not start until Terms of Contract by way Letter of Credit Is issued and received.
    First shipment will be dispatched within 21 days from date of receipt and acceptance of Standby Letter of Credit by Seller bank.
  • Payment Terms Information

  • Letter of Credit must be issued by an approved top tier 50 Bank.
    Letter of Credit must be Transferable and Confirmed.
    Pricing is Valid for 3 Days
  • To be issued within 24 hrs from the signing of this contract by all parties
  • Confirmed Standby Letter of Credit is to be issued in the Currency stipulated, Irrevocable, and Transferable. Standby Letter of Credit must be confirmed by Proimex Pty Ltd and its Bank, prior to order proceeding.

    Pricing is only locked for Amount ordered and Value of Standby Letter of Credit received.

    Additional Terms:

    Upon signing of this contract a Standby Letter Of Credit is to be issued by the Buyer.

    No Funds can be drawn against the Standby Letter Of Credit without Clean Bill of Lading, with all documents required under this contract

    On conformation and accepted Confirmed Standby Letter Of Credit. SELLER's must provide confirmable Proof of Product

    Special Instructions:

    Immediately 'upon signing of this contract, a Standby Letter of Credit to be issued to Sellers Bank, and must be accepted by SELLER's Bank in Australia before order can proceed.

    Please sign as Confirmation of order and return, via email to this contract is the final and binding contract of sale and supersedes all previous documents and communication related to this order.

    Pricing offered, based on 100% to be covered by Standby Letter of Credit, Pricing offered which is Valid for 3 days from the date of this contract.
    If terms and time line aren’t agreed and met, the above Shipping Timing will be invalid. All shipping timing is based on Terms and Standby Letter of Credit being achieved.
    Terms of Contract must meet all terms, or contract will be terminated.
    Upon signing of this contract, SELLER's to provide BUYER, with detailed instructions and terms required to be issued on Standby Letter of Credit to the BUYER