This is a very important message to anyone involved in the commodities industry on the new measures with respect to Buyers and Sellers conducting commodity transactions. It is a FEDERAL OFFENSE to issue a false RWA, LOI, ICPO, or BCL. Proimex Pty Ltd can and will inform the FBI, ICC, and INTERPOL should it find evidence of misconduct.

In addition, after an FCO is sent to the Buyer, there should be a formal answer to Proimex Pty Ltd from the Buyer. If there's no response from the Buyer in a timely manner, the Buyer company can and will be reported. 

These international codes are important to our business and will be strictly enforced to exclude all intruders that send out false information. Those who submit a false documents, WILL BE CHARGED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE INTERNATIONAL LAWS. 

The reason for this measurement is to protect the commodities industry which is a fundamental part of the world's economy.

By accessing the information on this site you hereby agree that you represent your company in an ethical manner and that you have read and understood the severity of the above warning. Should you need any clarification on the above please send your message to legal@proimex.com.au


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